Welcome to Soulmama Arts!

I am Alexandra Sandbäck – artist & author.
I work with my own art and my own writing,
but I also do photo sessions, graphic design work, promotion and websites.
 I work with light and love – you are welcome here.

In short; Alexandra Sandbäck has a bachelor’s degree in movie and TV-production from Novia, in combination with studies in music production at Axxell – Lappfjärds Folkhögskola. She has worked as a freelance journalist and photographer for several magazines. She has written and produced music albums, amongst others a few together with sister Anna Phoenix. Art and literature has always been a part of her life, and she has had a few exhibitions. Her debut novel Kärleksbitar was released in 2014, and the sequel Glimtar av närvaro in 2017. She lost her mother in July 2017 and a collection of poetry came to be – and was released in 2018 – Signerat med ditt namn.

Välkommen in till bloggen också!


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