Univocal Collective – Tim Granbacka – Freedom – FREE DOWNLOAD


In 2013 Univocal Music released a compilation of verses versions from singer-songwriters in Ostrobothnia, Finland.


Tim Granbacka – Freedom
Anna Phoenix – Ode to the end
Anna Phoenix – The others are upstairs by now
KrazyFlipy – Singers & Players (downscaled feel-good version)
KrazyFlipy – Little Spliff (alternative version)
Datle – Walk
Datle – Så tyst
Havis Amanda – My many ways
Havis Amanda – Pomegranate

The album was produced by Niklas Harju and Alexandra Sandbäck
Recording & mixing was done by Niklas Harju
Album artwork & photos by Alexandra Sandbäck

Thanks to Svenska Kulturfonden for making it possible!



Univocal Collective artwork


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