More information about my lightwork

Psychic abilities and healing has always been a part of my life. It can be found in my family and my mother also works with healing. I’ve always “known” things – but since my psychic abilities take the form of thought and feeling it took me a long time to separate my own thoughts and feelings – and messages from somewhere else. Among other things I use old Nordic knowledge in the form of runes, I have contact with angels and get messages from loved ones passed, and from the Universe, Source, or God – whatever you want to call it.
I believe that before you are born the soul knows which life it is meant to lead – but I don’t believe anything is set in stone, especially not exactly when things are supposed to happen. I believe in free will. That’s why I only “predict” the near future, and I guide my clients towards their own personal happiness. I can guide in relation to love, sex, work, family and much more.
I give healing with my hands, with the help of crystals and if necessary also Touch Therapy. I give spiritual guidance and healing on a distance as well.



My own form of Touch Therapy is similar to tactile massage. Touch makes the body create oxytocin which is the body’s own hormone for peace and kinship. The oxytocin affects the body in different ways, but I also believe that touch activates a lot of self-healing processes on the spiritual level. My Touch Therapy is me touching the client softly in a non-sexual way, cleaning out negative emotions and filling up with light and love. Healing is given while the hands are working. It is good if the client is only wearing underwear, since touching the skin directly is what releases oxytocin, but if the client is very uncomfortable with being undressed I can work around that. If there is some area of the body which the client doesn’t want to be touched in it is okay to say so. I never touch clients’ intimate parts. Talking before and after is always included.

I also give Touch Therapy to couples if they feel they want a stronger spiritual contact with their partner. The Touch Therapy is the same for couples, except the couple lies next to one another holding hands, so the energy can flow through both.

Touch Therapy and healing sets in motion processes that can be felt long after the session – for several weeks, or even months. You are of course welcome for more sessions, but you should always wait a few weeks to see where the processes take you.

I have a cat – so people with severe cat allergy should say so and ask for a home visit instead.
My healing room is on the second floor, so people with a hard time walking in stairs should tell me and I will arrange for healing downstairs instead.


If you have questions feel free to contact me here or give me a call; 0503217577.