A video of rain – or awareness or hardship or meditation

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This might seem to be a stupid video of summer rain in Finland. Maybe it is.

But when I saw the rain pouring down outside, and that one straw that kept putting its head under that heavy, cold stream of water it made me think. Not just that banging your head against a wall over and over again might be stupid. Actually it made me think the opposite. It made me think of determination. That some things are just worth that bang to the head. That challenges are made to be overcome. That also pain is a gift. Hardship is a part of life – and it can be as glorious as sweet summer rain.

So, maybe you dismiss this video – OR you take these three minutes to contemplate on your awareness of hardship and challenges in your life. Determination. Meditation. Love, even. Be grateful.

Have a good day – the sun IS shining, always 🙂

PS. I recommend watching in good quality.

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